Hi. My name is Mindy Tsai, and I write the I’m with Me newsletter, which comes out every Saturday (to start as I get more settled on Substack). I am passionate about being single in the most authentic and fabulous ways possible in good and bad times.

At age twenty-seven, I broke up with my long-term college boyfriend and started an odyssey that continues to this day. Now in my late forties, I learned and am still learning how to navigate my place in life. I believe that a woman can live joyfully and meaningfully alone. It may not always be easy, but it is possible.

I’m with Me is for both believers and skeptics. I hope to share my journey of single living in weekly bite-size to encourage women like me and change the expectation that there is one path that fits all. It’s my challenges, observations, reflections, and learnings. Life is messy, and this will not read like a romantic comedy.

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